Eseuri decente

Distance, grace



Beatrice looked at me with eyes so full

of the radiance of love and so divine

that, overcome, my power of sight faded and fled

and, eyes cast down, I almost lost my senses.

‘If I flame at you with a heat of love

beyond all measure known on earth

so that I overcome your power of sight

do not wonder,  for this is the result

of perfect vision which, even as it apprehends

moves its foot toward the apprehended good.

‘I see clearly now, reflected in your mind,

the eternal light that, once beheld,

alone and always kindles love, is shining.

And, if anything beguiles your mortal love,

it is nothing but a remnant of that light, which,

incompletely understood, still shines in it.’

Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy, Paradiso, IV, 139- 142; V,1-12


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