Eseuri decente

Ode to Budapest



Some things in life are not meant to be attained. They may be meant only for distant contemplation, in time and space. Without distance, without longing, without dreaming we wouldn’t perhaps be human anymore, but gods or replicas of Faust. Our inability to attain to ultimate beauty or knowledge forces us into an attitude of contemplation and hope. Only in this passive state can beauty be allowed to reveal itself, to come down, to heal and encourage. Only in the situation of being conditioned by time and space, can the soul ascend and have a first taste of eternity. Only when seeing „through a glass, darkly” can faith be faith and freedom be freedom.

Budapest, a place of encounter with beauty. As years pass and shadows cover the past, this glimpse will be even more beautiful if seen through these shadows. Happiness and true humanity will be attained only by following, all our lives, a gentle light in a stormy night.


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